For all of the mothers out there, Happy Mother’s Day seems hardly enough to say when you want to celebrate a mother.

From the start a mother is pouring out in many ways. It begins in the delivery room when she pours out the cup of life over the precious bundle that she has been carrying for 9 months. Then often up at night overflowing with worry, tears and exhaustion. Watching your toddlers develop, take their first steps, hearing their first words and giggles. Off to their first day of school while tears of joy and fear are spilling out of you.  Wondering if they will look while crossing the street, or be able to stand with confidence if that bully comes along, or have enough to eat in their lunch box, or even if you will embarrass them by asking for a kiss before they get out of the car.  At that moment you start experiencing them pulling away from you. This is the healthiest thing for all of you Right, but it is sometimes the most painful.

Nonetheless, mom stay on the move: baseball, football, church, driving to events, violin lessons, karate shopping for the perfect dress or suite, riding bikes, and the list goes on. And every second trying to find a moment to run to the bathroom for herself without missing a step because she’s wanting to drink up every moment she has with her little darlings. All of a sudden they have a new vocabulary that doesn’t make sense. They call you Ma’ , or say whatever to everything you ask. They look at you like you have a third eye on your forehead when you ask them to pick up their room. Watching them going on dates, proms, boyfriends, girlfriends, late night chats, learning to drive, concerts, graduations, and weddings. Not long after, the grandbabies start arriving and the cycle starts all over again.

Your cup never is never empty! I celebrate you moms for the many hours of love and sacrifices that you have poured out.  You are a champion, dream builder, encourager, teacher, taxi driver, and comforter. So I am forever grateful to all of you that stepped up for the challenge, because a life that is poured out for another is a life worth living. Blessings to you all


Ice Tea

My Tip for the Day: Grab your favorite book, put on your big brimmed hat, don’t forget your sun screen and slip into something cool and “Pour Out’ a cold glass of “Paradise Tropical Iced Tea” add a fresh squeeze of Meyer Lemon, sugar optional for those of us trying to cut back. Relax and experience the soothing sip as you sink into that lounge chair and enjoy a little time of freedom during the day just for you…

Paradise Tropical Iced Tea is made from the finest black tea and natural and artificial tropical fruit flavor to produce a delicate fruit-note. Naturally sweet, using no sugar, preservatives or artificial sweeteners. Has less than one calorie per serving.

Place one Paradise Tropical Tea E-Z Brew Bag in the basket of your drip coffee maker. (No filter required). Fill drip coffee maker with 6 cups (48 fluid oz.) of clean, fresh water.  Brew as normal.  Pour brewed tea into pitcher. You now have 1 1/2 quarts (48 fl. oz.) of delicious Paradise Tropical Tea. Allow to cool then serve immediately over ice.